Solitude: A Path to Move Through Loneliness

Solitude is a chosen state of being alone. It is not the same as interpersonal loneliness or existential loneliness, which may lead to an early death or death by suicide in extreme cases.

The need for alone time is as vital to human life as the need for social interaction. When you practice solitude, you will be better able to move through loneliness with skill, rather than try to end it unskillfully at all costs.

In episode 65 of The Incrementalist, you will learn:

1) The main differences between solitude and loneliness
2) The key differences between loners and introverts, who both enjoy solitude

3) The reason extroverts might need solitude more than loners and introverts

4) The four key benefits of solitude:
i) Intentionality
ii) Intellectuality
iii) Simplicity
iv) Self-sufficiency

5) Easy ways to practice solitude in daily life

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Watch the video, Solitude: The Overlooked Path to Moving Through Loneliness, on our YouTube channel, The Incrementalist - A Productivity Show.


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