How to step into uncertainty, make progress, and find flow

Uncertainty makes it harder to make progress and find flow in meaningful things. In easy conditions, progress is a straight line toward an end point. But when there’s uncertainty, progress is more like a feedback loop.

In episode 68 of The Incrementalist, you will learn:

1) 0:09 When faced with the unknown, you can either do something or do nothing.

2) 0:26 The difference between uncertainty and ambiguity and why they both cause frustration.

3) 1:03 The Paradox of Control and how we create anxiety.

4) 1:47 How good anxiety works for you and bad anxiety works against you.

5) 2:09 The Progress Principle and ways to leverage it. 

6) 4:03 How to step into uncertainty to make progress and find flow:
4:08 Tip 1
5:15 Tip 2
6:23 Tip 3 (stage 1 of flow cycle)
8:36 Tip 4 (stage 2 of flow cycle)
9:37 Tip 5 (stage 3 of flow cycle)
11:23 Tip 6 (stage 4 of flow cycle)

7) 13:02 Benefits of the Flow Cycle
8) 13:08 Benefits of the Progress Loop

9) 14:03 I'm making an online course currently titled "The Busyness Trap: How to Escape Overload and Focus on What Matters." To get updates on the course launch and registration process, subscribe to my e-newsletter at or The Incrementalist YouTube channel or podcast. 


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