Building Good Habits

Whenever we want to make a change, we tend to think in terms of goals and outcomes, hopes and dreams. It’s good to know the results we want. But how do we get there? It starts with building good habits that add up over time to create success as you define it.
A habit starts with a conscious decision and becomes automatic through a 3-step loop (cue, behavior, reward). Building good habits allows you to make changes without relying on willpower and motivation. 

In this episode, I discuss how motivation, ability and prompts drive behavior, using Professor BJ Fogg's B=MAP formula. I also cover the ABC (Anchor, Behavior, Celebration) method to create new habits and sustain momentum.  Make the new behavior tiny with the starter step and by scaling back. Excellence comes from the actions you do habitually, consistently, repeatedly - not from once-in-a-while acts.  Being the best version of yourself and having self-mastery stem from your habits. 

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Music by:
  • Sebastian Brian Mehr
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